Ladies and Gentlemen. Hereby I proudly announce that our event has concluded.

Before I come to publishing the grouplists let me feed you some raw data:

  • With an average of 55 members and 30 shards/day the normal donations per week should add up to 11550 shards.
  • Within this week we have collected almost 90000 shards
  • This is 8 times the amount, we normally would have made.

I think I am safe to say that this event was more than just a full success.


It was insane!


Thank you all for your kind donations!

Of course we have also used the event for a more in-depth analysis of the general donations and be assured that we are continuing to identify those people who do not want to do their share in making this incredible community better.

And now without further ado I present you the lists of our 3 groups already sorted by the highest donators:



The guild event is first and foremost a fundraiser. For everyone who hasn’t heard yet here a short explanation as to why we are organizing such an event.

Somewhen soon IGG will implement a new feature into castle clash called the guild wars. In this feature you will have to attack other guilds and defend their attacks. Everytime you finish a “siege” against another guild successfully the guild gains one torch. If another guild finishes a siege against our guild successfully the guild loses a torch. Everyday every player in a guild which participated will receive very nice rewards. The rewards depends on the amount of torches a guild has and will probably be as follows:

50 x torches = HB
5 x torches = shards
4 x torches = gems

So if a guild has 100 torches at the end of the day the rewards would be:

5000 HB
500 shards
400 gems

Now here comes the twist:

As for now only guilds among the top 100 in the rankings will be eligible to even PARTICIPATE in guild wars. This is of course a huge problem because if guild wars has started all the top 100 will receive more shards than everyone not being eligible. This will make it even harder to get into the ranks of the select guilds because they will use those shards to settle their position.

This is why we deemed it fit to act now and call upon an event which is primarily designed to make people donate more shards.

Please note: Most importantly it is not possible to design such an event in a manner which enables everyone to have exactly the same chances. We did our very best to make it as fair and evenly balanced as possible. But even if you think you have no chance of winning please be reminded that the true winners of this event are not the 3 who turn out to be the first in their respective group in the end. The true winners are EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU. If the guild is eligible to participate in guild wars everyone will get more shards than they could possibly donate here already in the first one or two months.

So please put your personal desires, your heroes skills, and everything else aside for now and help this event to become a success!



The event will take place from 14th to 21st of August 2014.

For reasons of fairness the exact time will not be announced. This is in order to avoid people saving up their shards. The only one knowing the exact times is mbraun. In order to avoid any interference with the event outcome, mbraun will NOT be eligible for receiving any reward.


For the event the guild will be separated into 3 groups whose members will be determined by the individual might of each player. To achieve a balanced amount of players in each group following might-thresholds have been calculated.

Group 1: 0-21000
Group 2: 21001-29400
Group 3: 29401 and above


click the image for a larger view!


  • During the timeframe as mentioned above every player shall donate as many shards as possible.
  • Each group will be fighting for rank 1 among themselves. Every player will only be compared with his own group.
  • A list will be kept by mbraun which contains the amount of shards donated by each participant at the beginning of the event.
  • After the event has been concluded the donated amount of shards will be calculated.
  • Since there are three groups we will have three winners.
  • The winners will be announced before the bossfight on the 22nd of August 2014


The three winners (assuming they are not hard hitters already) will get THREE minutes of time for damaging the boss on their own. This means only those three winners will fight the boss until the timer hits 27:00 minutes. After that the bossfight will be conducted as usual.

This gives us following plan of conduct for this particular bossfight:

  • Start of bossfight: 3 winners enter, rest of the guild waits
  • 27:00 minutes left: low hitters enter
  • 45 Million hitpoints left: hard hitters enter


Every player may donate with his smurf accounts but only under a few conditions:

  • ONLY the account with the highest might will be compared with his group in the end.
  • Smurf donations can only be taken into consideration, if either mbraun or SirYort are online
  • Smurf donations HAVE to be announced to mbraun or SirYort with the name of the main account before the donation.
  • SirYort or mbraun have to approve that they saw the intention to donate with a smurf before the donation.

This is really important, since smurf donations can not be tracked easily. So please don’t just log in on your smurfs and donate shards.

-> Wait until one of the two aforementioned players is online
-> Announce your donation
-> then wait until they approve that they are watching.
-> ONLY AFTER you have taken all those steps make your donation.

Noncompliance with these conditions will lead to the smurf donations not being taken into consideration.