Points of contact:

Founder: oleg01031999 (currently inactive due to work)
Leader: SirYort
Vice Leader: mbraun
Vice Leader: Nine0n
Recruitment Officers: SirYort / mbraun

For applications please contact one of our recruitment officers ingame or via line chat but only after you have read, fully understood and acknowledged the following set of rules.

Shard donations

Daily minimum: 30 Shards

Once the guild wars feature arrives we will introduce a general tax which will be a percentage of the daily income from said feature. We are of the opinion that since guild wars will only be available to a few select top guilds we are entitled to getting something back for offering that opportunity to our members.

Might and heroes:

You must have at least 12000 might in Order to even be considered a possible candidate for us.

Furthermore following hero requirements must be met before you may apply to our guild:

  • have at least 5 legendary heroes with a minimum level of 100
  • one of your heroes must be a druid
  • have a base layout which enables you to farm at least HBM wave D5

If you do not meet one of those prerequesites don’t even bother applying. Try to improve and then come back.


We use english as a main language for communicating in guild chat. You should have at least the most rudimentary knowledge of this language.

Nobody is perfect. So don’t be shy if your english skills are not perfect. As long as you are capable of¬†generally expressing your thoughts we will be glad to help you out on more complicated topics.

General rules:

1. Be polite:
This is the highest value virtue for any player. We are trying to be one of the absolute top guilds in the world. But not at the cost of inviting people into our roster, who do not share our philosophy concerning behavior and social integration. We all think of ourselves as mature and friendly players and we demand the same or every applicant and member.

This is the reason why we will not accept an ingame application without having exchanged a few word with the respective player before.

2. Be active:
With this we don’t mean be addicted to the game and play 24 hours a day. We mean be there and participate in the guild chat. Make the rest of the guild see that you want to be an active part of this community.

3. Be selfless:
Sometimes some players might need your help. If you are free to shield someone, why not invest those two minutes of your time? They will pay you back with at least their gratitude. Maybe you will need a shield or a piece of advice another day and they will give it to you.

4. Donate:
We expect a donation of at least 30 shards per day. This is the price you have to pay for being in a guild. There is enough players out there which try to reap the benefits of a strong community without giving something in return. We don’t need those and we don’t want those. If you are not ready to participate in what is neccessary to make this community stronger then you are not right for us. We keep track of the daily donations and summarize their outcome weekly.

We do not call names normally. This means if you are to some extent lacking behind we will first try to contact you privately. If that doesn’t help we are ready to remove even high might players without further hesitation.

5. Talk to us:
If you have a week of holidays or an extended period where you assume you might not be able to play as much as you would like to, give us a heads-up in advance. We can find a solution for the lacking donations during such periods. If you have anything to say, criticize, praise, suggest, please go ahead and tell it to one of the leaders. We always have an open ear for your ideas. This doesn’t mean we will put everything into effect right away but be assured we will put every suggestion to due consideration.

6. Strive to get better:
A guild grows with it’s members. We encourage you that after you have paid your daily hommage to the community housing you (which is our guild), you put the rest of your effort into trying to improve your heroes and base. Remember if you improve we¬†will do so aswell.